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At the AGEPI was held the training seminar “Patent Information and Documentation - Support for the Development of Competitive Goods and Services”


Today, June 19, in the conference hall of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) was held the training seminar entitled “Patent Information and Documentation - Support for the Development of Competitive Goods and Services”.

The purpose of organizing the event was to educate and train representatives of business incubators, scientific-technological parks and innovation incubators of the republic in the field of intellectual property and to develop their research and search skills in the national and international sources of information in intellectual property, especially in the field of patent information.

The event was attended by representatives of business incubators and innovation incubators from Leova, Sangerei, Dubasari, Stefan Voda, Soroca, Rezina, specialists from AITT, SMEDO and AGEPI.

The seminar was opened by Ion TIGANAS, AGEPI Deputy Director General, who welcomed the presence in the meeting of the representatives of business and innovation incubators and stressed the importance of promoting intellectual property information in the business environment.

“In Moldova, unfortunately, we do not have conditions for businessmen to invest in research. That is why, currently, it is important to inform business environment about the possibilities offered by intellectual property. It is a little known area, but it can bring revenue. We urge you to interact and get answers to your questions”, specified AGEPI Deputy Director General.

In accordance with the Program of the training seminar, brief introduction information in the field of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights was presented by Andrei MOISEI, director of Legal Department. Next, Petru GROSU, deputy director of the Inventions and Plant Varieties Department informed the participants in the seminar on the principles of the system of protection of inventions by patent, the procedure for filing and examination of filed applications by AGEPI experts, emphasizing on practical issues related to preparing patent application documents, compliance with the criterion of novelty of the invention, the terms which must be observed, etc.

On the role of patent information for technological development of enterprises, patent information particulars and components, on the patent document, structure, main categories and modes of publication, publication levels of the patent document, spoke Tudor JOVMIR, senior specialist of the Inventions and Plant Varieties Department.

At the same time, Tudor JOVMIR informed the participants in the seminar about the INID codes for bibliographic data concerning the patents, nominal and temporal data concerning the patent document, International and Cooperative Patent Classification, kinds of patent search, AGEPI databases “Inventions”, multinational patent databases with public access, analysis and use of patent information, etc.

The seminar enabled the audience to better understand the benefits of the system of protection of intellectual property objects for the development of competitive goods and services, especially by SMEs. Participants also mentioned the importance of organizing information seminars in the field of intellectual property for business environment.

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