AGEPI, Partner of the National Wushu Kungfu Championship Stage


The National Wushu Kungfu Championship Stage took place on April 14, 2019, in the precincts of the sports complex of the State University of Physical Education and Sports, in which the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated as a partner.

The event was organized by the Moldova Wushu Federation and aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, attracting children, youth and adults into practicing sports in general, and Chinese martial arts in particular, exchanging experience among sportsmen.

Wushu is the collective term for all martial arts from China and developed over thousands of years. Wushu perfectly combines ancient and modern practices. This is where the Asian martial arts are rooted, and for some time has become popular in Moldova as well. Wushu’s practice develops flexibility, strength and self-confidence, in other words, a harmonious, healthy body and a strong mind.

The competition was attended by 48 sportsmen from clubs practicing this kind of sport: P.A. Wushu Sport Club “WUDE”, P.A. Association of Chinese Martial Arts Wushu “Wu-Dao” and P.A. Wushu Sport Club “CHOY LEE FUT”, members of the Wushu Federation. The smallest participant was only 8 years old and the eldest was 42 years old. The sportsmen presented 57 demonstrations of modern and traditional wushu (kungfu) on punches, long weapons and short weapons.

The participants were awarded h medals and diplomas, and on the part of AGEPI benefited from gifts and informative materials in the field of intellectual property.

The National Wushu Kungfu Championship Stage is part of AGEPI’s program of events on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day with the main theme “Reach for Gold: Intellectual Property and Sports”, which is annually celebrated on April 26.