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AGEPI participated in the Workshop of the TecTNet TEMPUS Project “Technology Transfer Network”


In the period 27-28 March 2014, within the premises of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova was held the Workshop in the TecTNet TEMPUS Project “Technology Transfer Network” entitled “Cooperation between Universities and Enterprise - Transfer of Knowledge and Innovation”.

The event was attended by representatives of the partner universities of the project of the Republic of Moldova (State Agrarian University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, State University of Moldova, State University “Al. Russo”) and of the European Union member states (Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Romania), representatives of the State Agency on intellectual Property (AGEPI), Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT), nongovernmental organization Technology Transfer Network of Moldova (TTNM), and of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the country.

The aim of this Workshop was to address the most important aspects focused on innovation and technology transfer activities in the context of European integration of the Republic of Moldova, to initiate the process of cumulation of proposals submitted by companies in the Republic of Moldova on the needs and experiences in technology transfer and cooperation of universities with business environment, to support cooperation between university and industry and to contribute to the development of skills and resources to support the innovation process of the Moldovan economy.

At the beginning of the meeting, with a welcoming speech came Vitalie Moraru, President of RM Technology Transfer Network, who thanked the audience for their presence and involvement, appreciating the importance of the event for universities.

In accordance with the working Agenda, in the event were presented several communications on the best practices of innovation and technology transfer of the European Union which can be implemented by institutions in the Republic of Moldova. Moderator of the work was Pasquale Daponte, professor at the University of Benevento, Italy, and as reporters: Al. Salceanu, professor at the Technical University of Iasi, Romania, Linus Michali, professor at the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia and Helena Ramos and Artur Lopes, professors at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

AGEPI was represented in the Workshop by Liliana Vieru, Deputy Director of the Promotion and Publishing Department, Head of the International Cooperation and European Integration Division. Mrs. Vieru presented the report “Intellectual Property and the Process of European Integration of RM: Advantages and Challenges”.

About innovation and technology transfer opportunities in the Republic of Moldovan spoke representatives of the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Vadim Iatichevici and Igor Plamadeala. Director of the ENTRANCE Moldova Project, Mrs. Lucia Usurelu, informed participants in the Workshop about the current needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the country and their requirements on innovation and cooperation with universities.

TEMPUS is an EU program which supports the modernization of higher education in the EU neighborhood. The Tempus program promotes institutional cooperation between the European Union and the Partner Countries and focuses on the reform and modernization of higher education in the partner countries from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Balkans and Mediterranean region.

TecTNet TEMPUS Project “Technology Transfer Network” is funded under the TEMPUS program and was launched on 1 December 2013. The project aims primarily at strengthening institutional capacities of universities in Moldova in terms of technology transfer and intellectual property management; ensuring the functionality of the knowledge triangle education – innovation – research; development of partnerships between universities, public institutions and private sector.