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AGEPI is launching public consultations on the List of Georgian Geographical Indications to be recognized and protected in the Republic of Moldova


In the context of initiating negotiations on the draft Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and Georgia on the mutual recognition and protection of geographical indications, taking into account the fact that following the signing and ratification of the above-mentioned Agreement, the Republic of Moldova undertakes to recognize and grant legal protection to the Georgian geographical indications on its territory, the State Agency on Intellectual Property is launching public consultations on the list of geographical indications submitted by the Georgian Party for protection in the Republic of Moldova.

In this context, AGEPI invites any natural or legal person having a legitimate interest to submit reasoned objections to that protection.

The reasoned objections must reach the AGEPI within three months from the date of this publication, in writing, including in electronic format at the following e-mail addresses:  and .

Only the objections submitted before 05.07.2018 will be considered.

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