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7 Medals for the Republic of Moldova at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), together with a group of inventors and researchers from the Republic of Moldova, participated on 10-14 April 2019 in the 47th edition of International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

A cycle of seven inventions of the Moldovan inventors who were registered at the exhibition, as well as informative materials referring to the national intellectual property system, were exhibited at the exhibition stand of the Republic of Moldova.

As a result of the judging, attended by 85 international experts and notorious names in the world of world research and inventiveness, Moldovan scientists were awarded two gold medals, four silver medals and a bronze medal.

On 26 April this year, at the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), within the framework of the festive meeting dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day, the distinctions obtained by the inventors from the Republic of Moldova at the prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva were presented.

The Gold Medal was awarded to the group of researchers, coordinated by acad. Ion Toderas (Toderas I., Rusu S., Savin A., Erhan D., Gulea A., Zamorneva M., Nistreanu V., Chihai O., Gherasim E., Gologan I., Rusu V.) who presented innovative technologies for deparasitation of hunting fauna, in which the methods for deparasitation of fauna, especially of cervids, are indicated. For the same work, the team led by acad. Toderas was also awarded the Medal of Excellence of the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The second Golden Medal was awarded to the team of inventors from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu”, led by acad. Aurelian Gulea, which includes Istrati D., Gudumac V., Groppa St., Gulea A., Usataia I., Graur V., Tapcov V., in collaboration with a team from the University of Versailles, France, led by Sebastien Floquet and Emilian Cadot, for the work which resides in the elaboration of methods for the synthesis of compounds that have application in medicine on synthesis methods for compounds that are used in medicine.

The silver medals were offered to the group of inventors: Salin V., Bolun R., Nistor L., Gospodaru S., Ceban A., Verban A., Rudic V., Fala V. for the invention “Endometrial root canal treatment device”; Fuior A., ​​Floquet S., Cadot E., Tapcov V., Toderas I., Gulea A. for the invention which relates to novel molybdenum coordinative compounds with important biological activities; Burduniuc O., Balan G., Tapcov V., Rusnac R., Gulea A., Rudic V. for an emitter for growth or inhibition of the growth of Candida fungus and bacteria; Popovici M., Moscalu V., Ivanov M., Ciobanu L., Ivanov V., Popovici I., Cobet V. for the invention SR-CA-ATP circulating progenitor and endothelial progenitors cells - predictors of myocardial infarction.

The bronze medal went to inventors Chiaburu-Chiosa D., Chiaburu A., Maniuc M., for preventive diagnosis in children suffering from auditory diseases.

The International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva is the most prestigious worldwide event devoted exclusively to inventiveness and organized under the high patronage of the Swiss Government, the City of Geneva and of the World Intellectual Property Organization. The current edition was attended by over 1,200 inventors from 42 countries of the world.