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31 Years Since the Foundation of AGEPI: the Republic of Moldova Marks Progress in the Field of Intellectual Property


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) is celebrating on September 8, this year, the 31st anniversary of its foundation and, implicitly, of the establishment of the national intellectual property (IP) system. During this period, the IP system in our country registered a remarkable growth. AGEPI has succeeded in creating, developing and consolidating an intellectual property protection system comparable to those of states with a tradition in this field.

Since the foundation of AGEPI and until September 1, 2023, protection has been requested on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a number of over 190,000 intellectual property objects, of which approximately 82% have obtained protection.

Among the protected intellectual property objects that the Republic of Moldova can be proud of are the 7 appellations of origin, 11 geographical indications and 6 local traditional specialties guaranteed registered with AGEPI.

In the 31 years, AGEPI has trained 452 counselors and 45 evaluators in the field of IP and certified 166 authorized attorneys.

Until now, the Republic of Moldova has joined 25 of the 26 treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), demonstrating our country’s commitment to promoting and protecting intellectual property at the international level.

Another significant achievement is the historic decision of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office of December 13, 2022 to invite the Republic of Moldova to join the European Patent Convention. This initiative represents a major step towards the integration of our country into the European patent space, opening new opportunities for Moldovan innovators and researchers.

The digital development of AGEPI is a defining factor in the development of the intellectual property protection system in the Republic of Moldova. For 10 years, AGEPI has made available to the public the web service: “Online Filing of Applications for the Registration of Intellectual Property Objects”, and in 2020 AGEPI implemented the online application filing service Madrid e-Filing, the Republic of Moldova becoming the first country in south-east Europe which offers the online application filing service for users of the Madrid System. Also, AGEPI, as the receiving office for international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system, accepts the electronic filing of PCT applications.

In addition, the website www.agepi.gov.md hosts a public database, which offers free access to all those interested in information about intellectual property objects submitted and registered with AGEPI.

Currently, the Agency is fully involved in the process of harmonizing the legislation of the Republic of Moldova with the legislation of the European Union, continuing to promote the implementation of the highest international standards in order to strengthen the national intellectual property protection system.