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In 2013 there was registered a significant increase in the number of international applications for the protection of inventions, trademarks and industrial designs filed with WIPO


According to information disseminated by WIPO, in 2013 was registered a significant increase in the number of patent applications filed by international way via WIPO, under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), surpassing for the first time the annual number of 200,000. An important role in this growth appertained to applicants from the United States of America (USA) and China. International applications for trademarks and industrial designs filed ​​in 2013 have also reached a record level.

The total number of international patent applications filed in 2013 under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – main agreement in the international patent system, administered by WIPO, was 205,300, which represents an increase by 5.1% compared with 2012. Of the total of applications filed under the PCT, 56% appertain to applicants from the USA, and 29% - to applicants from China.

Among the top 10 countries with the largest increase in the number of international applications filed under the PCT system in 2013 are: USA with 57,239 applications (with an increase by 10.8%), China with 21,516 applications (+15.6%) and Sweden – 3,960 applications (+10.4%), which have doubled their filings compared to the previous year, followed by Japan with 43,​​918 applications, Germany – 17,927; Republic of Korea – 12,386; France – 7,899; Great Britain –4,865; Switzerland – 4,367 and the Netherlands – 4198 applications.

Most patent applications, filed under the PCT system, relate to the following five technical fields: electrical machinery and appliances, energy – 14,897 applications (with an increase by 10.9%);computing technologies – 14,684 applications (+18.1%); digital communications – 14,059 applications (+11.3%); medical technologies – 11,920 applications (+4.8%); measurements – 7,952 applications (+8.8%).

The first place on top of PCT system users took the Japanese company “Panasonic” - with 2881 applications published in 2013, exceeding the company “ZTE Corporation” of China.

U.S. universities occupy nine positions in the top 10 most active universities in the world in terms of patenting inventions.

Details: http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/ipstats/en/docs/infographics_patents_2013.pdf

“These new records of filings in the number of international patent applications demonstrate the importance of intellectual property rights in the global innovation ecosystem”, said Dr. Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO. “The international intellectual property system of WIPO is an indispensable part of the global innovation ecosystem, to the extent that provides economical solutions to ensure the protection of intellectual property assets internationally”, he added, noting that “PCT remains an attractive option for businessmen as it facilitates obtaining patent rights for companies and inventors of many countries”.

According to information published by WIPO, in the last three years, with increasing investment in R&D, there was a sharp increase in the number of international applications filed by applicants working in the automotive industry. Thus, in the top 500 applicants who submitted applications under the PCT are 13 automobile production companies.

Submission of international applications for the registration of trademarks under the Madrid system, in 2013, reached a record number of 46,829 applications, representing an increase by 6.4% compared with 2012. Germany, with 6,822 applications, remains the country with the largest number of international applications filed under the Madrid system, followed by the USA – 6,043 applications (21.8% of the total number of applications) and France (4,239 applications).

Of the 10 largest enterprises which have used the Madrid System in 2013 are: Swiss company “Novartis AG” is leading with 228 applications filed for international registration of trademarks, followed by “Zentiva Group”, Czech Republic, (114 applications), “Egis Gyógyszergyár”, Hungary (111 applications), “L'Oréal”, France (109 applications) and “Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma”, Germany (107 Applications). It should be mentioned that enterprises from EU countries lead the ranking of top 50 countries with the most applications for the international registration of trademarks. Only six non-European companies are among the top 50: “Apple” (48), “Microsoft” (48), “Hyundai Motor” (37), “Avon Products” (31), “Takeda Pharmaceutical” (29) and “Universal Entertainment”. Details: http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/pressroom/en/documents/pr_2014_755_a.pdf # annex7

By international trademark registration procedure, on top of choices are the following five classes of goods and services under the International Classification of Goods and Services of Nice: Class 09: Computers & Electronics - 19,978 applications (with an increase by 4.0%); Class 35: Business administration services - 8,432 (+6.6%); Class 42: Technological services - 6,112 applications (+2.4%; Class 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear - 5,688 applications (+4.0% ) and Class 05: Pharmaceutical & medicinal preparations – 5,381 applications (+9.0%).

Details at: http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/ipstats/en/docs/infographics_marks_2013.pdf

Filing of applications for international registration of industrial designs under The Hague system also reached a significant number in 2013, representing 2,990 applications, with 14.8% more than in 2012. The top three users of The Hague system - Switzerland, Germany and Italy - have constituted 58% of all applications filed in 2013. Among developing countries, Turkey (70 applications) is the country that submitted the highest number of applications for the registration of industrial designs under The Hague system, followed by Bulgaria (22) and China (18).

Switzerland, with 662 applications, surpassed Germany - 643 applications, becoming the largest user of The Hague system, and the Swiss company “Swatch AG” remains the main depositor by the number of applications filed under The Hague system - 113 applications.

The top 10 users of The Hague system, Italy (21.7%) and Norway (05.9 %), had the largest share of most of the applications submitted in 2013, while Sweden (+5.8%), France (+4.9%), Holland (+4.6%) and Turkey (+2.8%) recorded decreases. http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/pressroom/en/documents/pr_2014_755_a.pdf # annex9.

The most requested five classes according to the Locarno International Classification for Industrial Designs, mentioned in the international applications are: Class 09: Packages and containers - with 297 applications (with an increase by 15.6%); Class 10: Clocks and watches and other measuring instruments - with 297 applications (+22.7%); Class 06: Furnishing – with 230 applications (+15.6%); Class 12: Means of transport – with 210 applications (+1.4%); Class 07: Household goods - with 170 applications +6.9%).

Details: http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/ipstats/en/docs/infographics_designs_2013.pdf

WIPO statistical data on international applications filed under the PCT, Madrid and Hague systems can be found at:

http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/pressroom/fr/documents/pr_2014_755_a.pdf # annex1

We should mention in this context that in 2013, applicants from the Republic of Moldova submitted via AGEPI, as receiving office, one application for patenting abroad under the PCT. In the last year were submitted seven applications for patenting abroad (3 – under the PCT and 4 - under the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPO). Also in 2013, AGEPI, as the office of the country of origin, sent to WIPO 61 applications for international registration of trademarks, filed by the national applicants under the Madrid System (with 13 fewer than in the previous year).