Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day -2010


The 15th year running, at the end of June is marked a beautiful and significant professional holiday – the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day, established by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Moldova no. 193 of 19.06.1995.

Traditionally, the celebration of the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day is organized this year as well by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) and the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers “Innovator” of the Republic of Moldova (UIR). On this occasion, on 25June, at 13.00, inside the National Confederation of Trade Unions is organize a festive meeting dedicated to this professional holiday to which were invited representatives of the central public authorities, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, National Council for Accreditation and Attestation, Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, researchers, inventors and rationalizers, representatives of higher education institutions, patent attorneys, known personalities in the research and innovation and implementation and production field, which will draw the traditional balance-sheet of results achieved in the innovation sphere.

During the festive meeting, the most active inventors and rationalizers of the year will be decorated with diplomas and prizes awarded by UIR “Innovator”, an exhibition will take place with the most relevant information materials in the IP protection and promotion field, published under the aegis of AGEPI.

Also, AGEPI will designate the winners of the competition “Invention of the Year-2009”, organized annually in order to popularize, promote and stimulate the innovational activity in the Republic of Moldova. In the competition took part authors of inventions and utility models protected by patents and certificates of registration in force in the Republic of Moldova, obtained in the last three years, and which have a positive impact on the development of the national economy. In the current edition were submitted 29 applications, including: at the nomination “Invention of the Year-2009” - 21 applications; at the nomination “Invention of the Year-2009, created by a young inventor” - 6 applications; at the nomination “Utility Model of the Year-2009” – 2 applications.

We should emphasize further on the most active institutions in the field of patenting inventions in 2009: State University of Moldova - 29 filed applications and 43 issued patents; State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu” - 19 applications, 17 issued patents; Technical University of Moldova - 11 applications, 20 issued patents.

From the Academy of Sciences of Moldova have distinguished themselves: Institute of Energy - 22 applications, 11 issued patents; Institute of Plant Genetics and Physiology - 19 applications, 19 issued patents; Institute of Applied Physics - 20 applications, 24 issued patents; Institute of Chemistry - 10 applications, 11 issued patents; Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology - 6 applications, 2 issued patents; Institute of Electronic Engineering and Industrial Technologies - 10 applications, 10 issued patents.

The most active in the agro-industrial field were: Scientific-Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology - 17 filed applications, 2 issued patents; Institute of Agricultural Engineering “Mecagro” - 3 applications, 8 issued patents; Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Protection “N. Dimo” - 3 applications, 1 issued patent.

From the Ministry of Health the most active were: Scientific Research Institute of Mother and Child Care - 3 filed applications, 3 issued patents; Institute of Oncology - 3 issued patents; National Practical-Scientific Centre of Preventive Medicine - 2 issued patents; Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery - 3 applications.

It should be mentioned that in 2009 AGEPI received 141 patent applications and 198 short-term patent applications. Most applications were submitted under the national procedure. Under the PCT procedure came 3 patent applications and one short-term patent application. As in previous years, the absolute majority of applications were received from national applicants, 74% of which were submitted by applicants from Chisinau, 5.3% - from Balti and the remaining 31 applications - from various districts and towns of the republic. Foreign applicants filed 5 patent applications (3.5%) and 4 short-term patent applications (2%). The small number of patent applications filed by them directly to AGEPI is explained by the fact that they have opted, with the view of patenting inventions in the Republic of Moldova, for the procedure of the Eurasian Patent Convention, to which the Republic of Moldova is party.

On January 1, 2010, 5349 patents were valid in the Republic of Moldova, including 4187 (78.3%) Eurasian patents.

Along with the protection of inventions in the Republic of Moldova, in 2009 the national applicants have filed, through AGEPI as receiving office, 4 patent applications abroad, of which 2 - under the PCT and 2 - by regional way, that is under the Eurasian Convention.

From year to year, Moldovan inventors more convincingly confirm our status of inventive nation, winning many national and international awards. In 2009, AGEPI promoted and stimulated the innovational activity in the Republic of Moldova, ensuring the participation of national inventors with about 200 works in seven international exhibitions, namely: the International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technologies and Products in Geneva, the International Exhibition of Industrial Property “Archimedes” in Moscow, the International Exhibition of Inventiveness “Pro-Invent” in Cluj Napoca, the Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “EuroInvent” in Iasi, the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies “New Time” in Sevastopol, Ukraine, the International Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies “INVENTIKA-2009” in Bucharest, Romania, the International Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies “Brussels-Innova” in Belgium. Works presented at these events by Moldovan inventors have been appreciated with about 70 gold medals, 50 - silver and 30 - bronze.

In 2009, the national scientific researchers and inventors have had the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements, winning a deserved appreciation in the context of the 11th edition of the International Specialized Exhibition “Infoinvent”. The 415 inventions were assessed with 118 medals, including 31 – gold, 45 - silver and 42 - bronze. Since the first edition of ISE “Infoinvent”, held in 1997, and until now about 1,000 exhibitors have presented within its framework 3500 inventions, being promoted new technical solutions, initiated partnerships between inventors, researchers and representatives of business medium.

In order to inform the public and to support the activity of inventors and rationalizers, AGEPI regularly broadcasts information on patent activity, exhibition achievements of Moldovan inventors, organizes intellectual property promotion activities, various seminars, courses, competitions and consultations for representatives of the entrepreneurial sphere, including of SMEs.

Thus, the AGEPI activity in the field of support, promotion and protection of intellectual product, the technical creations of Moldovan inventors across the country and abroad records every year commendable results, aiming to promote new technical and technological solutions, aimed at improving, perfecting, innovative transforming the activity of enterprises, but also the activity of scientific, culture, education, health care institutions, etc. Or, the inventions and rationalization proposals are judged primarily by their economic, social, ecologic, information effect, which make our level of life more qualitative and the country’s economy more advanced.

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