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22/09/2009 | Events

A delegation of the Danish on Patent and Trademark Office come with a visit to AGEPI

In September 21-22 a delegation of Danish Patent and Trademark Office consisting of Nymann Keld Jensen, Deputy Director General of the Office, Kenny Wright and Lone Pie Kelstrup, Senior Consultant, are visiting Moldova, including AGEPI, in order to become familiar with intellectual property (IP) in... Read more
10/09/2009 | Events

AGEPI delegation to the CIS Interstate Council works to problems of industrial property protection

On 9-10 September 2009, in Astana. Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, CIS Executive Committee held a joint session of the Interstate Council on matters of industrial property protection (hereinafter - Interstate Council) and the Joint Committee of Member States working in the collaboration to combat... Read more
08/09/2009 | Events

17 anniversary of AGEPI creation

Today, 8 September 2009, we celebrate 17 years since the creation of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI). On the basis of its establishment was drafted the Presidential Decree of May 25, 1992 on the establishment of State Agency on Industrial Property... Read more
28/08/2009 | Events

WIPO facilitates on-line access to scientific journals

WIPO has launched a new partnership between public and private sectors in order to ensure free on-line access to a range of scientific and technical journals for the industrial property offices, universities and scientific and research institutions in underdeveloped countries, and for industrial... Read more
07/08/2009 | Events

The International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies and the Competition of the young people innovational elaborations „Novoe Vremea”

Between 24-26 September 2009 in Astana. Sevastopol, Ukraine will take place the International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies “Novoe Vremea”. The Salon is a competition of inventors, and is at the same time, a market for sale the inventions, products and new technologies. In the frame... Read more
04/08/2009 | Events

An international conference examining the role of innovation in mitigating climate change

In the focus of the international conference on in intellectual property and general policy issues, recently organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was examined the role of intellectual property in the promotion, implementation and spread green technologies to combat... Read more
30/07/2009 | Events

International scientific-practical conference of the Yalta

Between current August 31 to September 4, in Yalta, Ukraine, will take place the international scientific-practical conference “Actual problems of intellectual property” organized by the State Department Intellectual Property of Ukraine, supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization (... Read more
24/07/2009 | Events

Regional forum for the university coordinators in the field of intellectual property

The 14-16 July, 2009 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, was held the regional forum in the field of intellectual property for the university coordinators, organized by Kyrgyzpatent under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The forum was open by Sergey Zotine, Principal Legal... Read more
22/07/2009 | Events

Attention for the Database Trademarks on-line users!

The consecutive modernization of the IPO protection system, collecting and disseminating information related to IP protection, and improving its activities in order to increase the effectiveness of cooperation between the institution and the beneficiaries of this system are the basic objectives of... Read more
17/07/2009 | Events

WIPO Intergovernmental Committee Session on intellectual property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore

Session of July 3, 2009 the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore (IC) was focused on the renew of the IC mandate for the biennial 2010-2011. A group of the African countries proposed the future meetings of the IC to include... Read more
09/07/2009 | Events

AGEPI editions 2009

Intellectual property library We propose to the interested parties various publications, periodicals and serials, published by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), which offer the readers the most different information about the objects of intellectual property protection and... Read more
29/06/2009 | Events

Results of the competition “Invention - 2008”

Organizing committee of the competition “Invention – 2008” (president – Mr. Dorian Chirosca, Director General AGEPI) examined the applications and designated the winners in nominations: “The invention -2008”; “The invention -2008, created by a young inventor”; “The Utility model -2008”. Evaluation... Read more
24/06/2009 | Events

The Day of Inventor and Rationalizer-2009

Already 14th year in a row, at the end of June is marking a beautiful and significant professional holiday - Day of the Inventor and Rationalizer established by Presidential Decree No.. 193 of 19. 06. 1995. Traditionally, this year the Festival will be held the current June 26 on 13.00 , in the... Read more
23/06/2009 | Events

Repeated attestation of the evaluators of objects of intellectual property

During currently July 1-3, under order of the Director General AGEPI No. 66 of June 19, 2009, will be repeated the attestation of the evaluators of intellectual property objects. The evaluators which have not practiced during the 5 years of the valuation activity will exam again. For admission to... Read more
22/06/2009 | Events

International Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions “National priorities of Russia development: education, science, innovations”

In the period of August 26-29, 2009 in Moscow Russia will take place The International Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions “National priorities of Russia development: education, science, innovations”. The organizers: Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, The federal Agency... Read more


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