The Winners of the National Contest “The Best Innovative Pupil” were Designated


The ceremony of awarding the winners of the National Contest “The Best Innovative Pupil” took place on 21 May this year at the MallDova Shopping Center. Contest organizer is the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, in cooperation with the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Ministry of Education and State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova.

In the official opening of the ceremony for the designation of the contest winners, Acad. Gheorghe Duca, President of ASM, delivered to the participants a greeting address in which he stressed the importance of such a competition for young innovators of the Republic of Moldova.

To meet the new talents and to appreciate the ingenuity of young people from the Republic of Moldova, at the event was present Vlad Filat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, who said that he was deeply impressed by the works of young innovators “Whatever happens today is the result of children labor. They are very important works of art that deserve public attention and a visiting card of our country abroad”.

At the contest was presented the administrative-territorial map of the Republic of Moldova with an area of ​​64 m2, consisting of collection coins (190, 000), framed in a landscape that is a horseshoe made of other 3200small horseshoes. Both works have been proposed to be registered in the “Guinness Book of Records”. The works were performed by students of the ASM University and pupils of the ASM Lyceum.

To conduct this work, Petru Costin, collector of the Republic of Moldova, gave his collection which includes 190,000 coins (about 450 kg) and those 3200 horseshoes, assuring the public that the map will be presented to all exhibitions in the country and abroad. Academician Gheorghe Duca, said that until now there is no similar record and, therefore, the Republic of Moldova is likely to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

After extensive consultation, the Jury nominated the following winners of the national contest “The Best Innovative Pupil”, fourth edition:

- First Prize – with the cup, diploma and a prize of 3000 lei were rewarded the ninth-grade pupils from the Theoretical Lyceum “Stefan-Voda” in the town of Stefan Voda, Valeriu Mazare and Alexandru Caliman, for the work “Fumeco 2 (solution for passive smokers)”;

- Second Prize – with the cup, diploma and a prize of 2000 lei – the tenth-grade pupils Christian Melenciuc and Vasile Andries from the ASM Lyceum, for “Green Energy”; and the eleventh-grade pupil Veaceslav Cretu from the Zimbreni Theoretical Lyceum, for the work “Electric energy generator based on first principle of thermodynamics”;

- Third Prize – with the cup, diploma and a prize of 1000 lei, were rewarded the next pupils: Victor Nedealcov, twelfth grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Dumitru Caracioban” from Comrat, for “Wind station in household conditions”, Gheorghe Cibotari, eleventh grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Universe” from Scoreni, for “Device for obtaining ink based on methane (CH4)” and Dumitru Balan, eleventh grade, Theoretical Lyceum “B.P. Hasdeu”, for “Speedometer and accelerometer for mechanical experiments at school”.

Another eight special prizes were awarded to the sum of 500 lei each and other prizes for the funniest work, for the youngest innovator, as well as awards from the Institute of Zoology, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Energy of the ASM, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Society of Physicians of the Republic of Moldova etc.

AGEPI gave a Cup and a Special Award to Doina Ropot and Mihaela Boboc, eleventh-grade pupils of the Theoretical Lyceum “Princess Natalia Dadiani” from Chisinau, for the new process of extraction and stabilization of dyes from red beet with food and cosmetic applications.

The contest is organized to support and encourage creative and ingenious ideas of young inventors from the Republic of Moldova.