Visit of AGEPI Delegation to OHIM


On 8-10 April this year, a delegation of AGEPI led by the Director General of AGEPI, Ms. Lilia Bolocan paid a working visit to Spain at the invitation of the President of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). OHIM is an EU institution which administers the system of protection of Community trademark and design, issues titles of protection for these objects and examines the disputes occurred. OHIM is specialized Community body having a significant role in promoting EU policy in the field of intellectual property and being responsible for implementation and enforcement of regulations and directives on the protection of Community trade marks and industrial designs within the common market and for the EU policy on enforcement of IP rights, being the administrator of the EU Observatory for the Protection of IP Rights:

The visit was aimed at establishing cooperation relationships in the field of intellectual property and familiarization with the activity of OHIM. During the visit took place a series of meetings with senior officials of the Office, including Mr. António Campinos, President of OHIM, and Vice President of OHIM – Mr. Christian Archambeau.

During the meeting were addressed several issues of major interest for AGEPI, including issues of applying EU standards on trademark and design, administration of offices and instruments used by OHIM to ensure qualitative and efficient services, training and education programs in the field of IP implemented by OHIM Academy, OHIM campaigns aimed at disseminating information and raising public awareness of the domain and initiatives to counter piracy and counterfeiting, the role of the Observatory for Intellectual Property (IP) in the enforcement of IP rights at Community level.

In the context of the visit to Alicante, AGEPI Delegation was invited to participate in the Anniversary Conference “10 years of Community Design”, held on 8 and 9 April this year in the Auditoria De Deputation de Alicante, with the participation of the President of OHIM, Mr. Antonio Campinos, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government, Mr. Jose Manuel Soria, Mr. Alberto Fabra, President of Valencia Community, Mayor of Alicante, Ms. Sonia Castedo, deputies of the European Parliament, Heads of Offices, other senior representatives of Spain and not only. 

The symposium was attended by over 700 people, representatives of business circles and public sector, lawyers, judges and creative people, for which industrial design is not only an IP right but a value and a tool for economic, spiritual, professional development.