Training Seminars for Representatives of Research Institutions


One of the main objectives of AGEPI is aimed at promoting and disseminating information regarding intellectual property, schooling and informing civil society, research-development sphere, business environment about the importance of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. According to the Action Program for 2015 and in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between AGEPI and ASM in the field of protection and promotion of intellectual property, on 19 and 21 May this year, AGEPI organized two training Seminars entitled “Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova”.

The seminar was attended by representatives of academic institutions within the Divisions of medical and agricultural, social and economic, natural and exact, engineering and technological sciences, humanities and arts (about 60 persons).

The main purpose of the event was to familiarize specialists from academic institutions within the aforesaid divisions with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of intellectual property in general and of industrial property, in particular with the methods for patenting and protection of rights in inventions. Thus, AGEPI representatives familiarized the participants with the most important elements of the national IP system, services provided by AGEPI in support of research & development sector, coming up with some recommendations on strengthening the management of intellectual property objects portfolio owned by research institutions and creating, for this purpose, intellectual property and technology transfer subdivisions/services.

The seminars were moderated by Mr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, who in his address to the participants mentioned that the objective of the seminars is to identify common points of efficient cooperation between the scientific environment and the Agency, specifying that the research-development and innovation activity, which is a strategic component for economic development and social and cultural progress, is closely related to the field of intellectual property.

Mr. A. Moisei, Director of the Legal Department of AGEPI, made a brief introduction to intellectual property, elucidated some aspects of legal protection and use of IPO. We should note that during 2007-2010 the entire legislative framework pertaining to the field of intellectual property has been reviewed, being adopted in a new version 6 special laws harmonized with EU legislation, which regulates the protection of industrial designs; trademarks; plant varieties; inventions; geographical indications, designations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed; copyright and related rights. Current national legal framework in the field of intellectual property is now brought in concordance both with the international and EU norms.

Mr. I. Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, spoke about the protection of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Moldova. About the legal protection of inventions in the Republic of Moldova spoke Petru Grosu spoke, Deputy Director, Inventions and Plant Varieties Department, AGEPI, referring to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Inventions (no. 50-XVI / 2008). In accordance with this law, patents are granted by AGEPI and shall attest to the priority, the authorship and the exclusive right of patent owners in the invention. Next, the audience was instructed on how to use the free online databases in the search for inventions, among which should be mentioned the national databases, database of the European Patent Office (EspaseNet), database of WIPO (PCT).

Mr Iu. Badar, Head of Economics and Finance Directorate, AGEPI, informed the participants about the exploitation and management of intellectual property in research institutions, specifying that science and innovation organizations benefit from considerable incentives in the payment of IPO registration fees, they pay fees in sum of 5% of the amount of prescribed fees. Mr Iu. Badar referred to the factors delaying patenting of research results in RM, among which he mentioned: reduced practical application of research results, difficulties for approval of actual research priorities, imperfect management of research and innovation, insufficient degree of maintenance in force of patents for invention, etc. Representatives of research institutions were encouraged to pay careful attention to maintenance in force of patents, considering that the forfeiture of patent owner’s rights transfers the invention to the public domain, i.e. the owner loses his exclusive rights to the invention and it can be freely exploited by all users, including those from abroad.

Participants in the seminars expressed an active interest in these topics, being able to receive answers to questions posed regarding the protection of inventions and other intellectual property objects created in the accomplishment of their duties, in research projects, and to better understand the benefits of the system of protection of intellectual property objects to develop competitive products and services.

Finally, Mrs. Svetlana Munteanu, Deputy Director General of AGEPI presented the certificates of participation in the seminar. Those present were provided with a set of information materials in the field of intellectual property (brochures, guides), including a Regulations-model of the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Service of the institution, enterprise.