There were designated the Winners of the Contest “Top of Innovations - 2016”


On 16 December this year, at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), was held the festive meeting for designating and awarding the winners of the sixth edition of the Contest “Top of Innovations”.

The contest was organized by the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT), Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) and State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI).

The purpose of the contest is to promote and stimulate scientific and innovation activity in Moldova, to identify the most unique and valuable innovations, to inform the public about the innovation potential of the country.

At the festive meeting were present researchers and inventors from the Republic of Moldova, participants in the current edition of the contest.

With a word of greeting to participants addressed the ASM President, Academician Gheorghe Duca, Director General of AITT, Roman Chirca and Head of the Patents Department of AGEPI, Ala Gusan.

To the current edition of the contest were submitted 43 requests that contained about 90 innovations that were distributed into four strategic directions of research:

  • Health and Biomedicine;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy;
  • Materials, Technologies and Innovative Products.

During the event were awarded three prizes for each strategic direction of research.

Thus, the winner of the strategic direction “Health and Biomedicine” is the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N.Testemitanu” and Institute of Oncology, for the work “Syrup for treating precancerous conditions Mereon”, whose leader is Dr. Hab. Mereuta Ion.

Winner of the strategic direction “Materials, Technologies and Innovative Products” became the Institute of Energy of the Academy of Sciences for the work “Plants for pasteurization and cooling of milk”, the leader being Mihail Sit.

Winner of the strategic direction “Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy” became the Botanical Garden of ASM for the paper “Implementation of innovative technology for foundation of energy plantations and use of biomass for introduction of district heating plants in the Botanical Garden”, leader Dr. Alexandru Teleuta.

Winner of the strategic direction “Biotechnology” became the Algology Laboratory of the State University of Moldova, for the work “Cyanophyte microalgae strains and their use in agriculture” whose leader was Dr. Hab. Vasile Salaru.

Finally, the trophy “Innovation of the Year” was awarded to the Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology for the work “Indigenous yeast strains like Saccharomyces for the production of wines”, leader - Dr. Hab. Nicolae Taran.

The live broadcast of the event can be viewed here: