The summer school “Management of the researche-innovation”


The organizations„Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Recoop HST Consortium, Interface Europe” in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organize The summer school “Management of the researche-innovation” that will held on the current August 25 up to September 2 in Prague, the Czech Republic.

In the work of the school on behalf of AGEPI takes part Mrs. Alina Fodea, senior specialist of the Marketing and services section, AGEPI.

The object of this action consists in the training on the management in the field of researche-innovation, assimilation of the methods of the intellectual property rights administration, elaboration of a management strategy, the correct performing of the offerta and of an application for financing the projects on research-innovation etc.

The audiences of the summer school are the university managers in the matters of the technical sciences, specialists of the intellectual property offices, managers of the innovational projects, administrative staff, persons responsible for the EC FP6/FP7 implementation.

The coordinators of the Module1 – Innovation management – are Mr. Sandor G. Vari, Director of Management International Program in the field of research-innovation and Matthias Reischle, head section of Business of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), WIPO. This module includes different forms of assimilation of the modes of the IP rights development, international protection of the inventions by the PCT system, intellectual property in the frame of the high education, transfer of technologies, perspectives of the management in the research-innovation field etc.

The second module is dedicated to the training in the field of documentation related to the administration of the research-innovation projects.