Seminars on the protection of the communitary trademarks and industrial designs, organized by OSIM


In the period of August 22 to 25, 2007 a delegation from the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) constituting of Mrs. Lyudmila Goremichin, head Section Industrial designs, Mr. Leonid Spataru, expert Section Trademarks, Luminita Balabanu, senior jurist, secretary of the Appeals Board AGEPI, took part in the seminars “Examples for the application of the trademarks right” and “Protection of the communitarian trademarks and industrial designs”, that took place in Cap Aurora, Romania under auspice of the State Office on Inventions and Trademarks of Romania (OSIM). In the seminares participated Director General of the institution Mr. ing. Gábor Varga and the president of the national Chamber of Councilors in the Intellectual Property, Mrs Doina Tuluca, several juges from the Bucuresti Tribunal.

At the seminar were represented the communications with the subjects being discussed by the specialists of OSIM, Councilors in Industrial property, consulting agents, managers of some societies. The communications on the trademark distinctivity, what are the main conditions of registration of a trademark, the risk of misleading, conflicts of the trademark with the other industrial property objects, transfer of rights on the trademark, solution of the disputes, of oppositions, protection of the communitary trademarks were of a grate interest. The second seminar was dedicated completely to the protection of the communitary industrial designs.

Possibility of such exchange of the experience represented to the specialists of AGEPI by the Romanian Office is very useful in relation of staff training, harmonization of the national legislation with the communitary acquis, efficient application of the IP rights in our country.