To promote green innovations!


Every year on April 26, the member states of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, emphasizing the role of intellectual property in economic cultural and social development of the states of the world. Slogan proclaimed by WIPO for 2009 is: to promote green innovations!

Since the launch of this event, which occurred in 2000, more and more governments and organizations were included in the activity performed by WIPO in honour of marking the World Intellectual Property Day. This date was not chosen by chance – namely in April 26, 1970 came into force the Convention on establishing WIPO, signed in 1967.

Activities related to this day, carried out by WIPO and national IP offices have a common purpose throughout the world to appreciate human creativity, to encourage even more human capacity to dream, to conceive new useful and original ideas, to imagine tomorrow, to invent the future and, more importantly, to further strengthen universal technical or artistic creative solidarity.

In the Republic of Moldova, the World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated by various actions provided to exploit the potential and role of intellectual property in our country's development. In this sense, AGEPI conducted an extensive program of events, such as:

  • organization, within the conference hall of AGEPI, two national seminars, in which will take part the international experts in the field of IP, namely:
    • on 25-26 March this year, seminar “The geographical indications and appellations of origin in Moldova”, organized by the European Commission's TAIEX Project support for representatives of public institutions responsible in the field,
    • on current 7-8 April the seminar “Observance of the intellectual property rights” for representatives of the Courts , police and customs, organized in cooperation with WIPO;
  • organization during the months of March-April of thematic seminars to familiarize the specialists and managers of institutions and organizations in the sphere of science and innovation, as well as teachers and doctors and students in the frame of education institutions and specialists in the republic with national and international system of intellectual property protection;
  • organizing the meetings of students from high schools and colleges with outstanding inventors from the Republic, WIPO Gold Medal laureates;
  • launching the Republican contest “The public library - a partner in intellectual property promoting”, third edition was organized by AGEPI in common with the Library Association of Moldova.

In the program of events dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day and World Day of Book and Copyright (marked, at the initiative of UNESCO, on April 23), is framed and round table “The public library - a promoter of innovation”. The event in question will be organized by AGEPI in common with the Library Association of Moldova and is dedicated to the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.

As in previous years AGEPI will support participation of inventors of the Republic at the most prestigious international fairs, giving them the opportunity to promote at the foreign market new technical solutions, products and materials, thereby contributing to a positive image of Moldova abroad. We should mention that the Moldovan inventors will participate in the current period from March to April the following international exhibitions:

  • International Exhibition of Inventions “Pro-Invent”, from Cluj Napoca, Romania (24-27 March),
  • International Salon of Industrial Property “ARHIMEDE”, Moscow, Russian Federation (31 March to 3 April).
  • International Exhibition of Inventions, Technology and New Products in Geneva, Switzerland (edition XXXVII) (01-05 April).

Also, AGEPI will provide free consulting and marketing activities in the field of IP in national specialized exhibitions, held at IEC “Moldexpo”: International Specialized Exhibition Tourism and Leasure, Hotels, XIV edition, International Exhibition “MondConstruct & MoldEnergy” , International Exhibition Cominfo Moldova, XVI edition, Forum of small and medium enterprises, ninth edition, due to which AGEPI will organize a round table “Intellectual property in support of SMEs”.

On April 23, with starting at 14. 00, in the conference hall of AGEPI will be held a festive meeting dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day to be attended by representatives of public authorities, researchers and inventors, specialists in intellectual property.

AGEPI Management hopes that these actions will manage to raise awareness on the importance of intellectual property in economic, social and cultural life, the fact that non-observance of intellectual property rights entail serious consequences: from injury right holders and the state budget up to preventing creation of a healthy business environment competitive and attractive to investors and ultimately - thwarting the creative process, which is unacceptable for any country.

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