Launch of the National Contest of the Most Recognized Trademarks of the Republic of Moldova, NOTORIUM AWARDS 2019


The Intellectual Property Company INTELSTART LTD in partnership with the STATE AGENCY ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY announces the conduct of the National Competition of the Most Recognized Trademarks of the Republic of Moldova - NOTORIUM AWARDS, 4th edition, which runs from September 9 to October 11, under the motto: “Everyone deserves to be recognized”.

About 4000 trademarks are expected to participate in NOTORIUM this year, in 45 categories and 150 subcategories of products and services.

Because the trademark is the first business card the consumer receives from the economic agent, its promotion, as well as the protection of a product or service, is an important step in the activity of any company.

The economy of a country depends to a large extent on the presence of strong trademarks on the market, with an advanced notoriety, including internationally, and with an adequate level of protection.

The National Contest NOTORIUM is a good opportunity to repeatedly emphasize the importance of registering the trademark for the business environment, ensuring respect for rights in trademark and its use at fair value.

Registration and participation in the Contest is free, and the Regulations and Registration Forms can be found here:

The trademarks registered for the contest will be appreciated by the public, by secure and transparent voting, online, on the website

The winners of the Contest NOTORIUM 2019 will be awarded at the Awards Gala, which will take place in November.

Because we are striving for perfection, for this edition we have excluded the SMS Voting and have created the VOTED RECOGNIZED TRADEMARK ® logo, to be used to promote winning trademarks. The usefulness of the logo has been subjected to a study you can find at the address:

Below are some benefits for the participants in the National Contest NOTORIUM 2019:

1. The possibility to compete for the Contest prizes - the NOTORIUM Trophy, the gold, silver, bronze medals and for the right to use the VOTED RECOGNIZED TRADEMARK ® logo, for each subcategory of products or services and the exclusive use of the images of the distinction to promote the products and the services of the winning trademarks;

2. Promotion of the trademark image and increase in the level of trust and image for the consumer;

3. Free promotion, for 1 year, on the website, of the trademarks participating in the Gala.

4. Creation of a video spot for the winners that will contain the image of the trophy and the company logo.

5. Publicity of the Award Gala and the results of the NOTORIUM Contest, through newsletters, to 50,000 people;

6. More facilities, for the services provided by INTELSTART LTD, for the purpose of trademark registration.