The International Festival of the Inventions


The year 2008 is very important for all the inventors of the world, being a 40-th anniversary from the day of creation of the International Federation of the Inventors Associations (IFIA). That is why this year 2008 was declared as the year of General Assembly of IFIA, in the honor of which in Suzhou city, China, in the period of October 16-21 will be organized the International Festival of Inventors with a slogan “Invention, Innovation, Prosperity”. The Organizers of the Festival are the Inventors Association of China, International Federation of the Inventors Associations and the administration of Suzhou city.

In the frame of manifestations there will be represented about 2000 Chinese inventions and 1000 inventions of the other 50 countries of the world.

In the program of the festival there are included:

  1. The VI-th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technologies and Products (October 16-19, 2008) and the World cup-final of the Inventions Implemented in the Field of Computers.
  2. Celebration of the IFIA Jubilee – October 17.
  3. Conference “The Future” – October 18.
  4. General Assembly IFIA – October 18.
  5. The ceremony of opening the Innovational Center for the Youth Shanghai city – October 20.

The participation is gratuity. The Forms of registration shall be expedited in the address”

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