Intellectual Property Promotion Actions at Enterprises


During the months April-May-June 2012, AGEPI organized a series of information seminars for economic agents on practical aspects of registration and protection of intellectual property, particularly product and service trademarks, industrial designs and inventions. Seminars were held at “Viorica-Cosmetic” JSC (April 6), Ice Cream Factory “Sandriliona” LTD (May 23), Bread Baking Factory “Franzeluta” JSC (May 29), Company “Basavin&Co” JSC (June 1) and Confectionery Factory “Bucuria” JSC (June 4) with the title “Intellectual Property - Support for Growth of Company Competitiveness”.

AGEPI specialists informed the responsible persons within the listed enterprises of the importance and economic value of intellectual property objects as intangible assets for economic development and competitiveness of enterprises on internal and external market. Communications were presented on the topic “Trademark Role in Promoting Commercial Success. Trademark Protection by National Way”, “Expanding the Role of IP and Intangible Assets in the Functioning of Enterprises”, “Design - A Way to Succeed in Business”, “General Aspects on Protection of Inventions”, “AGEPI Services in Support to Enterprises”.

Agency representatives answered to a series of questions of the participants in the seminars and distributed promotional materials in the field of intellectual property protection, developed and edited by AGEPI.