A group of experts from the research & innovation and higher education institutions have completed the training course “Protection of Intellectual Property”, study discipline “Inventions”


In order to raise de level of knowledge of the intellectual property protection system and improve the quality of drafted patent applications, AGEPI organized during October 16 to November 1 this year a training course in the field of protection of inventions for specialists from the research & innovation and higher education institutions of the country.

Thus, 16 specialists from several academic institutions (Institute of Chemistry, Scientific-Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology, Institute of Ecology and Geography, Institute of Zoology, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology) and universities (SUM Center of Molecular Biology, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”, Technical University of Moldova) and from the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer attended the free training courses “Protection of Intellectual Property”, discipline “Inventions”.

Students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves both theoretically and practically not only with the national system of protection of inventions, but also with the international and European one, which is particularly topical in the context of integrating the scientific community of the Republic of Moldova into the European Research Area. AGEPI specialists have also familiarized students with the most useful information sources and search tools in the field of inventions, which can be used in the process of scientific research and determination of prior art in the searched field, and of preparation of patent application in order to improve their quality.

Upon completion of the discipline, students took an exam provided by the curriculum and obtained certificates through which is attested the attendance and completion of the training course. The persons who attended the course benefited from spaces adequate to the educational process and from the library with the books necessary for the discipline taught.