Constructive Discussions between the AGEPI Administration and the Representatives of the CMOs


The administration of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) had a meeting today with the representatives of the collective management organizations (CMO) from the Republic of Moldova.

During the working meeting, the Director General of AGEPI, Eugeniu Rusu, mentioned that: “The effective cooperation relations of the institution with the collective management organizations are indispensable for the mutually beneficial activity of the parties. We are open to continued cooperation and I would like to emphasize the need to combine efforts to promote respect for the rights of incumbents. The State Agency on Intellectual Property will intervene and will be actively involved, in accordance with the law, in solving the obstacles that organizations identify. I hope that the format of this meeting will mark a new stage in the harmonization of AGEPI’s relations with CMOs and partners, because only together we will be able to carry out fruitful projects, able to add value to the field of intellectual property.”

The meeting continued with a series of discussions covering various aspects related to the system of collective management of copyright and related rights, in particular the existing issues in the field, the actions to be taken jointly to ensure respect for the rights of holders of copyright and related rights, and also the promotion of a permanent fruitful cooperation between AGEPI and the collective management organizations, as well as the institutions that carry out activities based on the powers transmitted by the collective management organizations.

Finally, the representatives of the CMOs present at the meeting appreciated the openness of the AGEPI administration in order to improve the collective management system, mentioning the importance of the functionality of the system for each of them. The participants showed their interest and willingness to continue the discussions in subsequent meetings in order to address other aspects related to the field of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Moldova.