Constructive Dialogue on Combating the Counterfeiting Phenomenon


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in partnership with the Anti-Counterfeiting Association REACT Romania, organized on 20 September this year the training seminar on the protection of intellectual property rights and anti-counterfeiting, attended by representatives of the General Inspectorate of Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor General’s Office, Customs Service and the Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance.

The organization of the seminar aimed to provide useful practical information, directly from the right holders, who can contribute to the identification of counterfeit products and thus to the diminution of this phenomenon at the society level.

In the opening of the seminar, the Interim Director General of AGEPI Andrei Popa welcomed the presence of representatives of the institutions responsible for the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Moldova and thanked them for their interest. “It is a very important seminar, because, within it, will be presented concrete situations, practical tools and solutions of international companies, in the field of combating the counterfeiting phenomenon. This seminar comes to complement the series of actions organized together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance, Customs Service and other authorities, within which AGEPI promotes intellectual property and focuses on the negative effects of the counterfeiting phenomenon. We want this event to be a traditional one, organized annually”, added Andrei Popa.

In his turn, the President of the Anti-Counterfeiting Association REACT Romania Gabriel Turcu thanked the Interim Director General of AGEPI Andrei Popa for openness and direct involvement in the realization of this event. “Strengthening joint efforts to combat counterfeiting phenomenon at the international level is of major importance, so that it directly affects the manufacturing industries. I also thank the institutions involved in the organization of the seminar in the Republic of Moldova, and I am absolutely sure that we will hold this annual event,” stated Gabriel Turcu.

The participants in the seminar initiated an active dialogue regarding the access routes of the counterfeit goods, the ways of recognizing these products, the specificity of marketing of large companies and the measures to counteract the phenomenon of counterfeiting, having the possibility to become familiar with the secrets of identifying the original products of the well-known companies as ADIDAS, SAMSUNG, HYUNDAY MOBIS, PUMA, PROCTER & GAMBLE and DIAGEO.