Association “Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Moldova (AsDAC) - 10 years of activity


Association “Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Moldova (AsDAC) - organization of collective administration of rights of the author - was founded on May 31, 1999 and started work practice on 01. 07. 2000. AsDAC is permanent member of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers (CISAC) of December 2005.

The supreme governing body of AsDAC is the Conference (General Assembly) AsDAC. The management body between conferences, AsDAC Council consists of 6 composers, 1 poet, 3writers, 4 supervisers, 1 performer. Executive Body is AsDAC Directorate, consisting of specialists in various fields. Directorate structure includes:

  • Director General,
  • Department of licensing and inspection (inspectors throughout the Republic of Moldova),
  • Legal and External Relations Department,
  • International Relations Department,
  • Accounting Department,
  • Department of Household.

AsDAC is an multifunctional organization of collective administration on collective principles of rights of authors, performers and phonogram producers, managing following categories of rights: public performance, public communication, including by retransmission; the public presentation, reproduction, marketing and renting of reproduced copies etc.

The administered creations include: musical works, dramatic and musical-dramatic works, literary, audiovisual creations, etc.. AsDAC manages only rights of those holders, who have delegated their rights, and only those rights which have been delegated to management.

Currently, over 2461 rights holders delegated their for the AsDAC administration - through direct contracts (1250 authors and 1211 performers); 33 foreign organizations of rights management - through reciprocal interests representation contracts including 31 author companies and 2 company of performers and phonogram producers, 3 music publishers. Among the members AsDAC who have signed direct contracts with AsDAC, are both local citizens, and foreign.

The foreign repertoire, administered by AsDACon the basis of the reciprocal interests representation contracts, is composed of

  1. Foreign societies administering the author rights:
    • UCMR-ADA (Romania) – mechanical rights, public performance
    • PAO (Russia) – mechanical rights, public performance (including the “large” rights)
    • НAAП (Russia) – mechanical rights, public performance
    • SGAE (Span) – rights of public performance
    • AEPI (Greece) – mechanical rights, public performance
    • MESAM (Turkey) – rights of public performance
    • JASRAC (Japan) – mechanical rights, public performance
    • AMRA (USA) – mechanical rights
    • ASSIM (Brasilia) – rights of public performance
    • LATGA-A (Lithuania) – rights of public performance
    • AKKA/LAA (Leetonia ) – rights of public performance
    • RUPIS (Republic Belarus) – public performance (including the “large” rights)
    • УААСП (Ukrain) – mechanical rights, public performance (including the “large” rights)
    • GESAP (Georgia) – all rights
    • АРМАВТОР (Armenia) – all rights
    • KaзAK (Kazahstan) – all rights
    • КЫРГЫЗПАТЕНТ (Kirgizstan) – all rights
    • НААП (Armenia) – rights of public performance
    • ООАСП (Tajikistan) - all rights
    • EAU (Estonia) – rights of public performance
    • IMRO (Ireland) - rights of public performance
    • MUSICAUTOR (Bulgaria) - rights of public performance and mechanical rights
    • SAMRO (Africa) – rights of public performance and mechanical rights
    • БЕЛАТ (Belorussia) – public performance, “small” rights
    • BUMA (Netherlands) - public performance
    • SESAC (USA - public performance
    • SQN (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - public performance
    • FILMJUS (Hungary) - public performance of the audiovisuals except composers
    • ZAMP (Macedonia) - public performance
    • SOKOJ (Serbia)- rights of public performance and mechanical rights
    • PRS (Great Britain) - public performance
    • BMI (USA) - public performance exception of “large” rights
    • SACM (The Sociedad de Authores Y Compositores de Mexico) –Mexico

  2. foreign companies that administers related rights (of performers and phonogram producers):
    • ROSP (Russia) - the right of public performance (up to 02. 09. 2008);
    • РСП (Russia) - the right of public performance,
    • OZIP (Kazakhstan) - right of public performance.

  3. music publishers:
    • EMI Music Publishing Romania (Romania / international repertoire) - right of public performance,
    • “AUTORPOST” SRL (Moldova / Russia) - the right of public performance:
    • K9 Music Publishing Ltd. (Romania / international repertoire) - interpretation public's ring tone.

During the practical work (01. 07. 2000-15. 05. 2009/circa 9 years), AsDAC revenues were about 25 million lei, distributed remuneration in the amount of about 21 million lei. Currently users of creations possess about 2200 licenses of AsDAC.