Assistance rendered to the children-orphans remained without parents care


The State Agency on Intellectual Property organizes periodically actions of charity destined to the social vulnerable persons of the specialized institutions of the Republic of Moldova. While the year 2008 was declared by the state bodies as the Year of the Youth, the administration of AGEPI took a decision to render assistance to some specialized children institutions.

During the current year in the frame of AGEPI it was changed a part of furniture that may else be used being in a good state. AGEPI requested consent of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in order to transfer this furniture gratis to the institutions which need the mentioned assistance. According to the recommendations of the Government the whole furniture (tables, chairs, bookcases, corners etc.) were transferred to the Gymnasium-boarding school, village Carpineni, region Hincesti for the children-orphans remained without parents care.

Transportation of the mentioned property was realized by assistance of the ME “Vismos” JSC that gave in our disposition one of their transport means. Representatives of AGEPI accompanied the auto up to the destination, taking part in the action of charity.

Both the Government of the Republic of Moldova and Mr. Tinu, director of the gymnasium expressed to the Agency hearty thanks for the rendered assistance to the budget institution of education accepting with a great pleasure the proposed material assistance. But most of all were happy about 250 children for which the gymnasium of Carpinrni is a real parent’s house.