April 27 - Day of the State Flag of the Republic of Moldova


On April 27, we celebrate the Day of State Flag of the Republic of Moldova – the Tricolor - the national symbol of our country which in 1990 was officially designated the State Flag of the Republic of Moldova by the deputies of the first Legislative.

The State Flag symbolizes the past, the present and the future of the Moldovan state, reflects its democratic principles, the historical tradition of the people, the equality of rights, the friendship and the solidarity of all the citizens of the republic. The Tricolor is hoisted on the edifices of official state institutions, at ceremonies and solemnities, and sums up all aspirations for freedom and democracy of our citizens, plenary affirmation and consolidation of the statehood of the Republic of Moldova.

The legal framework for public symbols is the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Law No. 86 of 28.07.2011 on Public Symbols, as well as the international treaties to which the Republic of Moldova is a party. The Law on Public Symbols regulates the legal relations relating to the registration, legal protection and use of public symbols in the heraldic, vexillological, imnological, sigilographic, faleristic and uniformistic fields.

The national flag of the Republic of Moldova is also protected in accordance with Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of 20 March 1883, to which the Republic of Moldova is a party. According to Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the protection of governmental armorial bearings, emblems, complete  names and abbreviations of international intergovernmental organizations, “The countries of the Union agree to refuse or to invalidate the registration, and to prohibit by appropriate measures the use, without authorization by the competent authorities, either as trademarks or as elements of trademarks, of armorial bearings, flags, and other State emblems, of the countries of the Union, official signs and hallmarks indicating control and warranty adopted by them, and any imitation from a heraldic point of view”.