The annual Conference of the Association of Libraries of the Republic of Moldova


In the period of August 22-24, 2007 in the “A.Russo” Scientific library of the State University in Balti took place the Annual Conference of the Association of Libraries of the Republic of Moldova (ABRM) with a title “The permanent training – the inherent requirement of the informational society and knowledge”. About 200 representatives of the public, university, specialized, school libraries of the republic, as well as guests from Bucharest, Iasi, Galatz took part in this event. The work of the Conference was carried out in sections according to the type of the libraries. On behalf of AGEPI in the Conference participated Ana Sofroni, bibliographer.

There were discussed the following actual subjects: “The part of the libraries in realization of the objectives of the education reforms”, “The electronic products and the current scientific research”, “The public library – facilitator of the intercultural communication”, “The scientific results - in the support of the professional training” etc.

During the Conference there was launched publicity appeared under the auspice of ABRM at support of the Center of the resources for the graduates, USA Embassy in Moldova in the frame of the Project of small grants: statistical report (BS a US “A. Rsso”, Basis of the informational culture: the University course (BS a US „A. Russo”).

The program of the Conference also includes a greate exhibition of the engravings and lithographs of the library„V.A. Urechia” collection from Galatz and an album “Romanian Sovereigns” edited by Nicolae Iorga in Sibiu in 1930.

An important part of the training constituted the cultural manifestations, the hosts organized for the participants an excursion in the scientific reservation “The Dominical Forest” of Glodeni, and in the polyvalent hall of the University performed the folklore consort of the faculty of music.