At the AGEPI was started the work of the Scientific-Practical Symposium “AGEPI Readings”


Today, April 22, in the conference hall of the State Agency on Intellectual Property has opened its work the Scientific-Practical Symposium “AGEPI Readings 2015”, Twenty-Seventh Edition. The Symposium fits into the series of technical-scientific and information events dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day and aims to create a platform for discussion of issues in the field of intellectual property.

The Symposium is held under the theme “Actual Issues of Protection, Enforcement and Exploitation of Rights in Intellectual Property Objects, Staff Training and Upgrading in the Field of Intellectual Property”.

In the opening, Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, welcomed the presence and contribution of specialists from various public, research institutions and universities in the Republic of Moldova, among which: Competition Council, Supreme Court of Justice, Customs Service, University of European Political and Economic Studies, State University of Moldova, Free International University of Moldova, Academy “Stefan cel Mare” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, etc. and in Romania (Romanian Copyright Office). Also, he mentioned the positive evolution of this symposium over the years, due to the regulatory framework adapted to European standards and the clearer vision on intellectual property of public authorities, universities and right holders. Finally, Mr. Ion Tiganas invited those present to actively engage in discussions during the presentations with a view of a more profound and complex approach to themes brought to attention.

The Symposium started according to the Program with Session I whose theme is: “Recent Developments in the Field of Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” and included communications on the legal protection of IP; application of measures of protection of IP objects at the border; relationship between parallel import, IP and competition; trademark notoriety, and about the collective management system in Romania. The discussed themes were of an increased interest for symposium participants, discussions being interactive, with relevant examples and even demonstrations of counterfeit products.

The event will be held for two days.