AGEPI participated in a Training Seminar for Young Entrepreneurs


On 7 February 2015, AGEPI participated in the training seminar for young entrepreneurs entitled “The Role of Intellectual Property in the Economic Development of the Republic of Moldova”. The seminar was held within the premises of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova by the National Association of Young Managers of Moldova (ANTiM). ANTiM is a nonprofit organization created with the aim to support and develop managerial spirit of youth in Moldova

The seminar was attended by 27 young managers who participated in the National Competition of Business Plans for youth.

In order to familiarize young entrepreneurs with the national system of protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, the senior specialist from the Promotion and Publishing Department, Alina Fodea came with an Introduction to Intellectual Property, presenting general notions in the IP field, advantages of the IP protection, legal framework, services provided by AGEPI, as well as databases, website and search guides in the databases within the Agency.

Further, Mrs. Natalia Mogol, Deputy Director of the Trademarks and Industrial Designs Department informed young entrepreneurs about “Legal Protection of Trademark”, especially about the procedures for registration of trademarks in Moldova and abroad, the benefits of trademark registration and the research modality in the national and international databases.

AGEPI specialists responded to a series of questions related to the procedure for registration of trademarks, industrial designs, fees related to such procedures, etc.

During the seminar were distributed promotional materials of AGEPI, including the Guide for SMEs “Investment and Profit with IP”, which include useful information for prospective entrepreneurs about the protection and exploitation of intellectual property.