AGEPI participated in the Seminar “Copyright and Related Rights in the IT Field”


Specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated, on 17 April this year, in the information seminar entitled “Copyright and Related Rights in the IT Field”, organized by the Centre of Excellence in Economics and Finance.

The purpose of the event was to strengthen knowledge in the field of protection of copyright and related rights in the context of the substantial growth of the IT sector in the economy.

The Seminar had as target group teachers, students from the Web Application Administration and Program Product Promotion and Analysis specialties.

Andrei Moisei, principal consultant, Communication and Training Division of AGEPI, presented useful information on copyright and related rights in the IT field, the legal framework and the patrimonial right in the software, the protection of computer programs and mobile applications, and the misuse or illegal assignment of source code.

During the seminar leaflets, brochures and promotional materials were distributed in the field of intellectual property.

The event ended with a round of discussions and debates among the participants present at the meeting.