AGEPI Awarded the Most Creative Works of TUM Students


Friday, May 8, 2015, in the events dedicated to EUROPE DAY in the Republic of Moldova, at the Technical University of Moldova was organized the Exhibition of Creative Works of TUM students and TUM Technical College pupils “Creation Opens Universe”, and the Contest of Rube Goldberg machines “TUM - RG 2015”.

The event brought together students, teaching staff, pupils of graduating lyceum classes, as well as representatives of economic agents, who had the opportunity to become acquainted with the elaborations of students presented at the exhibition.

The event inauguration was attended by Rector of TUM, Academician Ion Bostan; President of the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation, Academician Valeriu Canter; Coordinator of the Agricultural Sciences Division of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Academician Boris Gaina; Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Dr. Lilia Bolocan, other representatives of public institutions from the Republic of Moldova.

In greeting messages to the participants in the event, the guests of honor have noted the merits and achievements of the Technical University of Moldova, ingenuity and creativity demonstrated by students of this institution - a provider of performance modern engineers, fact also confirmed by the exposed elaborations.

In her address to the participants, Lilia Bolocan, Director General of AGEPI, congratulated the students for their meritorious achievements, noting that each exhibit is subject to protection by the intellectual property system. Mrs. Lilia Bolocan also reminded that students are invited to submit their works at the International Specialized Exhibition “Infoinvent”, organized by AGEPI in order to promote and support creativity and innovative spirit of researchers, inventors, creative people, including the young generation in the Republic.

The program of the event included several activities, among which: Contest “Young Creator” in the fields “Technical Creativity” and “Artistic Creativity: Architecture, Design, Artistic Drawing, Painting, Sculpture; Visit to the National Center for Space Technology of UTM; Presentation of Terrestrial Infrastructure to Monitor the Flight of Microsatellite “Republic of Moldova”; Contest of Creative Works of Students “Rube Goldberg-TUM 2015”.

The works presented at the exhibition were awarded with various diplomas and prizes by the Judging Commission, composed of representatives of the teaching staff from TUM, experts from AGEPI and members of the student organization of creativity BEST/TUM.

Also, in the exhibition were awarded Diplomas of TUM to students-winners of the National Technical Olympiad in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and artistic design.

Traditionally, AGEPI awarded three most creative and innovative works of TUM students. Thus, AGEPI Diploma and Cup, accompanied by a cash prize, were awarded to doctoral candidate Gladis Vitalii, Machine Designing Fundamentals Department of UTM, for the work “3-D printer”. Also, diplomas accompanied by cash prizes were presented to the team of authors from the Spatial Technology Centre (TUM), for the work “EYSSAT - satellite for research and testing” and the team of authors Cojocari Ion, Chicu Mihai, for the work “Electromechanical robotic arm”. The awards were presented by Mr. Petru Grosu, Deputy Director of the Inventions and Plant Varieties Department, AGEPI.

The best developments presented in the Exhibition of Creative Works of TUM Students will be exhibited at the International Specialized Exhibition “Infoinvent”, fourteenth edition, in the section “Creation of Youth”, which will take place in the period 25-28 November 2015.