“AGEPI Readings” has closed its works of the seventeenth edition


Today, 23April 2015, at the AGEPI was over the work of the Annual Scientific-Practical Symposium “AGEPI Readings”, seventeenth edition.

On the second working day of the Symposium were discussed issues related to the exploitation and management of intellectual property, and communications presented had in sight the exploitation of Geographical Indications in the Republic of Moldova, managerial implications in the development of intellectual capital, the role of information technologies in the field of research and development, etc.

In accordance with the program of the Symposium, out today, it was held a round table in which were discussed the modalities of staff training and upgrading in the field of intellectual property. The event was attended by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, lecturers and professors from the AESM, SUM, TUM, USPPEE “Constantin Stere”, SUMP “N.Testemitanu”, AGEPI specialists, etc.

The roundtable was moderated by Mr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, who said that national staff training and upgrading activities in the field of intellectual property are a priority for AGEPI and over the last 2 years were conducted several campaigns on information and awareness of the younger generation in this area. Mr. Tiganas encouraged the teaching staff present at the event to participate actively in discussions on the content of study programs of disciplines in the field of intellectual property, training tools applied, and the problems they face in the training process, to identify opportunities for teaching at a more advanced level the IP field in the mentioned context.

Mrs. Doina Usaci, senior consultant in the Higher Education and Science Development Department of the Ministry of Education specified that Intellectual Property is a priority for the Ministry, as the education system aims to train young people to be competitive both in the country and abroad. Ministry of Education supports the introduction of IP courses in all educational institutions, including the creation of master degree in the field. Also, she mentioned all the problems facing the education system, emphasizing the plagiarism and what would be strategy to combat this phenomenon in the university system.

A detailed report on the list of disciplines focused on the field of IP, which are taught in universities of the Republic of Moldova, was presented by Iurie Badar, assoc. prof., Head of the Economy and Finance Department of AGEPI.

University representatives present at the round table presented detailed, very specific information on courses taught at TUM, SUM, AESM, USPEE, relating to the IP field, their weight in the university curriculum, the reaction of students and professors to these courses and problems appeared in the educational process. Following the discussions, the participants appreciated the organization of the round table and came up with some proposals and recommendations with reference to improving the situation on national staff training in the field of IP, content of the curriculum and programs of study disciplines, etc., which will be further discussed with the Ministry of Education and the management of educational institutions.

In closing, Mr. Ion Tiganas thanked everyone for the participation with both communications in the framework of sessions and discussions after them, highlighting some basic actions to be performed following the proposals and suggestions that emerged during the Symposium. Mr. Tiganas noted that AGEPI is always willing to engage in creative projects or are aimed at training professionals in the field of IP.

During the 2 days on which was held the Symposium participated over 80 representatives of the central authorities, universities from the Republic of Moldova, students, patent attorneys, experts and specialists of AGEPI, and foreign guests and persons interested in the field of intellectual property.